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DVD authoring.
Réalisation des menus, de l'interactivité, enchaînement des séquences et des chapîtres.
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We put your production on a DVD. That includes making of menus, chapters and interactivity. All according to the DVD specification. You may use several different audio traks to your video for laguage selection and you may also use several subtitle traks.

From the DVD authoring you will get a logical master on tape with cutting information for a glass master, or burnt on a DVD authoring media disk, or on a playable DVD-R general media (the ones you may buy at the super market and burn on your own computor).

Spruce movie Spruce menu

DLT tape and authoring media burners

We use Sonic Solution DVD Creator on Apple and Spruce Systems on our windows machines for the authoring process. Both systems can be used for programming using the native machine code of a DVD player, creating new functions and interactive scripts. The full capability of the DVD specification for interactive training/ entertainment can be realized. Both systems have very good encoders for MPEG mastering, but generally our clients prefer the streams from our Vela Research real time encoders.

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