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Each DVD is a complete project from the aquisition of source material, the programming, the mastering, the DVD authoring till the final distribution. K.I.T.S. also run management, administrational and development projects.
We manage the project "The Revolution Energy Converter" for our close client nilsinside AB, a swedish company for development and research in science and engineering.


Karlberg IT Studios Revolution Energy Converter

The development project REVOLUTION ENERGY CONVERTER has been going since 2010
Project develops a component of a heat engine. If one says that the boiler is an important part of a steam engine, then this energy converters in the same way an important part of a heat engine.
When we in this project are talking about heat engines, then we are referring to engines with external combustion and cooling that alternately heats and cools an enclosed working volume of air or gas.

One can describe this energy converter, or heat engine, as a heat exchanger which transforms part of the heat to pressure pulses of a desired frequency. This pulse rate, in turn, may drive pistons, diaphragms, or anything that can utilize pressure pulses. This new energy converter will have many applications, but the first market is perhaps everywhere where there is surplus heating, cooling towers or heat exchangers to dissipate heat.

The proposed prototype is a small demo box with external dimensions L40 x W40 x H50 cm incl. three control boxes. It weighs about 70 kg, has 6 liters of air which constitutes working volume and a surface area for heat transfer to and from the working volume of approximately two square meters.

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A feasibility study has been done by Prodelox showing the possibility to build a 500mm x 500mm prototype following the Revolution Energy Converter modular concept. The report, that also includes a Bill-of-Material and a cost estimation including man hours, was commissioned by nilsinside AB and ALMI. The feasibility study proposes a single volume with external control that provides a 2.8 litres work generating volume with 1m ² area for heat transport.

The revolution energy converter naturally follows PV = nRT and the thermodynamic laws. If you have 2.8 litres or 28 litres of a contained gas, you get the same pressure difference when you raise the temperature by 300 K, but the power that can be taken out by the 28 litre model is simply ten times more than from the 2,8 litre model. So the conceptual value of the Revolution Energy Converter is that it scales. The optimized speed of the isothermal process stays the same during scaling thanks to the modular concept where the volume always stays proportional to the heat transfer surface.

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